25 Coolest Gadgets You Will Definitely Enjoy

Microsoft’s Cloud Computing Strategy

Microsoft, in an ever increasingly competitive market, is once again using their current status as the two-ton gorilla of the software universe to make some noise as they enter the realm of cloud computing. With the release of Windows Office365, Microsoft is intending to make up ground in their battle with Google Inc. and after reporting more than $9 billion in revenue for the quarter ending June 30, 2011 Google clearly represents formidable competition. Windows Azure, a name intended to inspire images of clarity, cleanliness, and the boundlessness of the blue sky, is the platform which supports Microsoft’s cloud based office package, among others.

HTML5’s Impact on Mobile

HTML5 has moved into the vacancy left behind when the W3C, to some controversy, decided the XHTML2 working group charter should not be renewed. The transition to the new standard has implications across the software industry but particularly in the field of mobile web application development. HTML5 offers mobile web developers a reduction in the investment in both time and the costs needed to develop apps for multiple devices.

Top 5 iPad Finance Apps for Business

Mobile devices like the iPad are changing how we do business. Here are five examples of smart ways to manage business finances with the iPad.

Laptops of the Future

As mobile devices like the iPad are becoming increasingly popular, laptop makers are working hard to be more innovative to compete with the new more portable devices. Once upon a time, the 10 kg laptop was viewed as the small and portable option to the desktop PC. Its introduction revolutionised how we thought about the office – no longer were we chained to the desk, but we could take our work around with us and work from home.

10 Things to Consider When Buying a Laptop

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when buying a laptop. Make sure you don’t miss any of them…

Tablet PC Comparison – What Is the Best Tablet PC to Buy?

Tablet PC Comparison: Apple iOS vs Google Android – Although there are a number of different companies, utilising different operating systems (OS for short), now creating brilliant options for tablet computers, the chief tablet PC comparison for almost all consumers still boils down to the Apple iPad’s iOS and different Google Android tablets. So which choice of these two systems (or any other) is the correct one for your needs? Look and feel: Most industry experts largely agree that Apple’s iOS works extremely well both as a smartphone and a tablet PC operating system….

EReader Vs Tablet PC – Which Should You Buy?

It’s a hotly-debated point at the moment, being brought up by the selling power of gadgets like the Kindle and the iPad. Should you buy an eReader, or go for a tablet PC? Which one is worth spending your money on?

Getting to Know the Real Benefits of a Tablet PC

Since the first release of the iPad in 2010, many people have been asking what the real benefit of a tablet PC could be. Considering we already have laptops which give us portable computing, and we have powerful desktop PCs which can perform pretty much any task we ask of them, AND many of us have smartphones that also bring us mobile web browsing and email – on top of all that, what could a tablet PC bring to the table? 1) They’re Quick when it comes to quickly looking someone up on the internet, or…

Tablet PC Games – Why Gamers Are Flocking to Tablets

The gaming world changes rapidly. Once upon a time we had games consoles, PCs and handheld game devices. Now we have tablets and even smartphones.

What Makes Tablet Devices Great for Professionals?

Tablet devices, like the Apple iPad 2, Motorola Xoom and more are becoming much more popular with casual users who like to use their tablets to browser the web, play games and watch videos. However there is also a growing number of businesses who are getting into tablet use, and there are various reasons why tablet devices are becoming such a big hit with business owners and employees. Using Tablet Devices for Presentations – It’s now becoming commonplace to see someone reading a prepared speech from a tablet PC.

BlackBerry Application Development Gets Smarter With BlackBerry 7

Another ace up this new version’s sleeve is the BlackBerry Balance Technology which enables separation of official and personal work on a single device providing users an exemplary BlackBerry experience. It can be rightly said that the new BlackBerry OS is an indication of RIM’s shift towards making its creation more consumer friendly without bringing any dent in its enterprise affability.

Marketing in an Apple World

Getting your app to sell! Is there any proven technique? Do you have an app that is lost in the app store?

How to Find Help With Android Development

We’ve all come across sticking points when developing our Android apps that just don’t seem like they should be causing so much trouble. Surely someone has solved this problem before, right? Chances are, your issue or something like it has been solved and re-solved by the Android developer community many times over.

Android Application Development for Niche Targeting

The world around us has been changing constantly with new technologies and developments being made on daily basis. Instead of old and easy times, now we have tough competitions and standards and challenges for those who want to excel and remain ahead of others. This has led to businesses seeking ways to stay ahead of their competitors and finding new means to gain expertise in their ways.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire – Comparable to the Apple iPad2 at Less Than Half the Cost

Want an Apple iPad2 but don’t want to spend $500 or more? The new Kindle Fire compares at less than half the cost at a debut price of $199. That makes the Fire definitely worth a closer look.

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