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The History Of Apps

App development is a fast growing area and most people now own either smartphones or tablets with a variety of apps on them. But where did it all begin?

Top 5 Cross Platform Mobile Application Development Frameworks

Cross platform mobile development is an effective mode to meet the towering demands of clients willing to get apps developed at affordable cost. As compared to native app methods, this method is very affordable and accompanies a host of choices to opt from. With these multiple cross platform frameworks comprising a bunch full of code libraries and added functionality, mobile application development has become far easier and convenient.

5 Points to Consider While Purchasing Mobile Applications

Before buying any particular mobile application it is important to take care of certain points regarding its whereabouts. Having done this, you can get a better perspective on whether the application is really beneficial or is simple a waste of money. A better option in this regard is to choose an app from a renowned mobile application development company.

Free Yoga Apps – Now, Be Your Own Trainer

Are you planning to hire a Yoga trainer or join a Yoga class to stay fit. Well, in that case, think again, as you really do not need to spend money for that. There are numerous free apps that could help you learn yoga. Some of them are listed in the following article.

What to Expect From Satellite Phones

This article is about how to effectively use satellite cell phones and how they differ from conventional cell phones. The article also discusses what to expect from a satellite phone, the quality to lack of quality of voice transmissions, how to effectively use these devices and what features you should consider when shopping for one. Also, discussed is the phenomenon called latency (a slight delay between when you talk and when the other person talks. We also explore options, buttons, and displays in these devices, global coverage issues relating to satellite phones, how surroundings (i.e. using it in the jungle, near tall buildings, close to mountains can block or otherwise impede cell phone signal quality and the various features that some brands of phones have or don’t have such as some phones only working in North America. Finally, the articles discusses how different brands of satellite cell phone utilize different international phone numbers and the differences from one country to another along with features such as SMS message capabilities and other capabilities.

Top 3 Benefits of Mobile Broadband Users

Mobile broadband has continued to gain popularity among businessmen, professionals and people in the younger generation. This is because it allows people to enjoy access to the web even while they are on the go. This technology is the reason why millions of Internet-ready handsets and computing devices are sold every single day.

Popular Apps and Categories for Windows Phone Development

Windows Phone development is becoming popular day by day owing to its various upscale features and availability on multiple devices. Evidently, a thick of mobile apps from this domain are also rearing their own fan following with each of them posing as a significant competition to the rival mobile app development platforms.

Top 5 Tips for Android App Development

There are thousands of Android developers who are working hard to create new applications and games. If you are a budding Android App Developer, you could make use of the these tips and tricks that we cover in this article.

Make Sales Everywhere With a Mobile Credit Card Processing Solution

Mobile credit card processing allows your business to accept credit card and debit card payments using your smartphone. This fast, affordable process not only gives you the ability to easily do business on-the-go, but also gives customers a convenient way to pay.

New iPhone Apps: A Wish Come True for Lawyers

Constantly running from one meeting to another with clients and business associates, while on the look-out for various other cases with individuals and big corporate companies, a lawyer is forever busy. The one thing that the lawyer community could really do with would be for great new apps for the iPhone that strive to assist them and make some breathing space in their professional life.

Geo Location Apps – Some Useful Tips For Marketers To Thrive

Geo-location based apps have seen a considerable upsurge in the past couple of years. Initially, they were not considered as a worth investment. However, as the competition is intensifying, businesses are exploring opportunities to promote their offerings by utilizing the location based social networking apps. Marketers using mobile apps with location based services are reaching out customers better by sending them targeted content.

Mobile Application Development Platforms (MADP) Classification

With the phenomenal growth of mobile app adoption, enterprises are faced with challenges to develop and maintain the apps that work on all these diverse platforms and devices to reach wider audience. Developers also face the challenge of maintaining consistent look-and-feel across device/OS. Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP), as the name suggests, provides development tools and frameworks for building Business-to-Employee (B2E) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) mobile applications. In addition to providing the tools, these platforms also provide middleware servers to connect and synchronize the data with the back end systems, eliminates the duplicate work by allowing business logic to be written and maintained in one place. You can build tighter integration with device features by using these MADP tools.

4 Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Industrial PDA

The industrial PDA offers a variety of benefits for businesses of all shapes, sizes, and industry. It has proved to be an effective tool for saving time, minimizing paperwork, and maximizing productivity. As with all technology, the key to successfully integrating PDA’s into a workplace environment is choosing the right one. There are four primary factors to consider which will ensure the PDA will provide a positive ROI.

Technology in Retail Industry

Today world is driven by technology, and retail industry is catching up with all the new technologies to keep up their sales and customer satisfaction. There is no stopping now. Sky is the limit.

Mobile Applications Have Sparked A New Technology Revolution

Smartphones and mobile applications have become synonyms in the technology world, with mobile first strategy becoming imperative for all organizations. According to a recent Nielsen report an average users have almost 41 applications installed on their smartphones. Interestingly this number has seen a sheer rise of nearly 28 percent YOY, stating that users are getting more inclined towards using mobile applications than web browser.

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