16 Coolest Gadgets That Are Worth Seeing

Doel Laptop

Doel is a Bengali word. This is the name of the national bird of Bangladesh, and the brand is named after Doel bird (Oriental Magpie Robin). This is the widely used symbol in Bangladesh. The laptops are assembled by Telephone Shilpa Sangstha.

Make Money With Mobile Applications

You suddenly had the revelations that you want to create a mobile application and make money from it. Well, welcome my friends, because this article will tell you the steps and moneymaking process for all of your future mobile application dreams.

How to Plan and Analyze Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Planning and analyzing a customer satisfaction survey are two major aspects in the world of business. These two factors, when combined could substantially contribute to the future profits and success or consequent failure of any business endeavor. It is significant to keep in mind that satisfying your customer is the major key to success of an enterprise and without it you are going to lose your customers who might then jump to your competitor, which in turn could leave you bankrupt.

Master Your Computer Within Seconds!

It is interesting to know that governments of many countries are fighting computer illiteracy with their every fleeting breathe by ensuring that all their citizens are ‘computer masters’ through the introduction of various computer training schemes. This is because computer revolution has brought great transformation to the entire world especially technologically. Reading this article may be all you need to settle your computer ordeal today! If you know what to do, there is a way out. So goes an adage! Where will you be, what will you be doing when this world finally depends on computers to eat, pay bills, travel, make friends, do business, make payments, pass judgments, secure property, control events, preach the gospel, broad cast news, drive home from the town, diagnose and treat the sick or diseased?

Mobile Game Applications Development

These days, we can see technology in almost everything. Whatever activity we do, we will see a tinge of technology involved in it.

iPhone Game Development – 5 Most Popular Games On iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S has the power to support heavy graphics and it offers unparalleled multiplayer options. This makes it possible to develop large-scale games with heavy graphics. This articles takes a look at 5 hit games that deserve a place in your iPhone 4S.

6 Tips for Running a Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign

Mobile marketing is becoming more and more popular and as a business, getting your message straight into the hands of a potential client on a screen they look at dozens of times a day can generate a level of interest that is simply not achievable by other means. There are many pitfalls though, and it is possible to get it wrong, which at best will be ineffective, at worst it may alienate potential customers.

Advantages of Having Professional Programmers for Your Mobile Apps

This is good news to businesses in the software development given that this could be an edge in fulfilling the needs of their users. If you want to increase the success rate of your apps and offer your clients smart web solutions, you should effectively hire a programmer and mobile applications developer in order to attain the results that you need which adheres to the standards of your company.

Factors Which May Effect Your Decision to Opt for an Event Planning Tool

Here you will find certain factors being discussed which will help you find the best event planning tool which you can use. It also says here that you need loads of patience and time in order to find the right app.

Apple iPhone 4S Latest 2012 Review

For an ultimate guide to all things Apple iPhone 4S related, we look inside to see what’s packed in with your new iPhone in our iPhone 4S unboxing, get a video rundown of the best iOS 5 features and 10 Things to do first with your Apple iPhone 4S. But that’s not all, we have also pulled together an Apple iPhone 4S vs Apple iPhone 4 video plus we see how the new Apple smartphone shapes against T3’s Phone of the Year as we pit two giants against each other in our Apple iPhone…

What Is a Mobile Website?

What exactly is a mobile website, and why should your business have one?

The 8 Most Important Benefits of Purchasing a Garmin Zumo 550

How can a GPS system make your travel safe and easy? Plus its different features that makes it perfect for motorcyclist.

How to Build a Location-Based iPhone App – A Simple Solution

Location-based iPhone apps are always going to be hot property in the App Store. Apple designed their iPhone range with GPS capability specifically to power geolocation apps. But building a location-based app normally means investing a substantial amount of time in the development of a backend server. This is no longer true – welcome to the wonderful world of PaaS instant backend server solutions.

Exciting New Apps of 2011

2011 witnessed the arrival of a lot of app for iOS and Android devices, and for the past couple of months we have been introducing some great apps through our articles. We hope that these articles will really help new users in selecting apps for their devices. Let me introduce three new apps today.

Galaxy Tab 7 Honeycomb: Great Performance in a Compact Package

Samsung has just launched a new member of the family of Samsung Galaxy Tab that called the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. In this article we will discuss the main features of Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus.

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