16 Coolest Gadgets That Are Worth Seeing

VPN for Amazon Users

Of late, a growing number of internet users have migrated to using VPN servers when accessing their online information. It is of little wonder why, as with VPN (Virtual Privacy Network), internet users are ensured a more secure and private connection. This means that your security details as well as your personal and private information is not susceptible to the prying eyes of cybercriminals and homeland security personnel.

Can Your Laptop Be Upgraded? An Analysis of What Can and What Can’t (Part 2)

So in part 1 we covered answering whether you can upgrade components such as the processor, hard drive (or solid state drive) and motherboard. In part 2 we continue this journey and discuss upgrade possibilities for the graphics card, sound card, memory and screen. Let’s cut to the chase Hollywood style and unravel the confusion easy style.

Can Your Laptop Be Upgraded? An Analysis of What Can and What Can’t (Part 1)

It seems that quite a number of laptop users at least once in the lifetime of owning a laptop step out of line and ask the all important question: can I upgrade? While some strive for a simple memory upgrade others wish to dive into the deep end by asking i.e. can their graphics card be upgraded. There’s a spectrum of parts such questions address so without much further ado lets unravel some key pointers that will lead the way and offer light on this topic.

Android Versions And Features

The Google foray into the smart phones and tablet’s market has given birth to various Android versions. Android is the Google operating system used to run devices on cell phones and tablets. Due to the popularity of Androids, there has been a mad scramble by major telecommunication manufacturers such as Samsung and Motorola to integrate Android updates into their products.

Customize Your Phone With Nokia C3 Wallpapers

The exclusive Nokia C3 is the beautiful introduction that is considered as the ultimate solution for various extraordinary tech performances at an affordable price range for gadget lovers. You can enjoy unlimited benefits such as fast internet connectivity, easy messaging, and other fascinating features such as the software to use Nokia C3 wallpapers that allows you to feel proud and elated while holding in your hands this wonderful piece of technology.

Start Your iPhone Game Today!

iPhone game development is a fun and interesting way to learn how to make the iPhone more interactive. If you are are curious as to how to develop a game for your iPhone then look no further than this article for all the practical information you will need for your iPhone game.

The Advantages of Android App Development

In the mobile operating systems division, software giant Google’s Android OS is gaining great market share. Many mobile manufacturing giants have applauded what Google has done with its world-class open source mobile technology in the Android OS.

Social Apps Fit Better for Social Clubs

Socializing with your friends? Getting out on the town? Did you use an app for this? Did you coordinate this without the use of your voice? Did you text everything? What impact did Twitter and Facebook have? If you think about it, Social Media has become the de facto standard for not only reporting social events (“Hey, we’re at XYZ Club, having a blast!”) to coordinating.

iPhone Repair: Should You Be Adding It To Your Computer Repair Business? (Is There An Alternative?)

What do you do when people walk into your shop with an iPhone, iPod or iPad, and they want it repaired? If you’re in the computer repair business, you are probably busy, and that’s a good thing. Taking on a new line of repairs isn’t that big a deal, and you can do it, but is it worth it? What possible option is there?

iPhone 4 App Development – The 5 Free Apps Of 2011 For iPhone 4

This year has seen more app development than any of the previous years; the tremendous interest in iPhone 4 and the facilities provided by iOS 5 are largely responsible for this. This article takes a look at the five best free iPhone 4 apps of this year.

5 Better Ways to Use Online Marketing Coupons

Do not ignore a new marketing trend which is happening right under your notes. If you do not take advantage of mobile marketing, you can be sure that your competitors definitely will!

Wireless Computing

So what exactly is wireless computer networking? Wireless computer networking provides a wireless hub facility which makes use of radio waves to sustain open communication channels between computers, from 2 computers to probably a dozen or even more computers. Wireless networks are modern innovations offering a far better alternative to wired networking, which relies on copper and, or fiber optic cabling for communication to take place between computers.

Cloud Based Technologies to Improve Business Productivity

If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere you would have gathered that winter is upon us. The time of year, where widespread frost can create havoc on our roads, snow and ice can cause disruption making the daily commute longer than expected. Not only, does the winter weather cause more stress to our daily lives it can have a significant impact on the economy.

The Emerging World of Telecom Expense Management

The invasion of personal mobile devices into the workplace presents a challenge to employers. These devices can cost the company thousands of dollars more than they have to unless expenses are well managed. Telecom Expense Management –TEM — is one way to limit the pain.

Do You Know About Sencha Touch Development?

Sencha apps are extremely responsive as they execute locally and are maneuvered through AJAX connections. Sencha products include SDKs and tools which are very well structured and can help out large teams to work without having any confusion. You can easily code in JavaScript or Java since both the extensions Ext JS and Ext GWT are present.

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