16 Coolest Gadgets for Men That Are Worth Seeing

Samsung Galaxy Prevail Android Smartphone (Boost Mobile)

The Prevail is the first CDMA phone offered by Boost to also run the Android 2.3, Gingerbread Platform. It’s a powerful combination to have in the palm of your hand.

FBI Looks To Develop New App

These days it seems that there is an app for everything under the sun. But this time the app will not be used by you and I, but by the FBI. It appears that the FBI wants to get it on the app craze too and use the technology to target bad guys. The bureau’s Strategic Information and Operations Center has invited companies to submit proposals to create a social-network monitoring system for the FBI. What exactly does that mean?

Is Kindle Fire Really Good? Will It Beat iPad in Popularity?

Yes and yes, it can. Amazon has launched a new tablet, Kindle Fire. It is a hybrid and portable device which has features of both an eBook reader and an Android tablet.

Ultrabook Vs Netbook: How Are the Ultrabooks Better?

Plenty of excitement has been generating about it fresh notebook computer category, but in this Ultrabook Vs. netbook guide you will observe how the best Ultrabooks are very superior to the out of date netbook computer.Firstly, don’t let the size of Ultrabooks deceive you. Even though they are extremely thin, they contain the power of full size laptops. Comparing Ultrabooks to netbooks is sort of a joke, considering the netbook’s lack of power.

Dump Truck Online Storage

Giganews Usenet has recently released their new online storage solution called Dump Truck. This service is provided for free to Giganews Usenet accounts and allows users to store their photographs, documents and data files online to be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Growth of Android Phones

Android is an operating system developed by the Open Handset Alliance controlled by Google, for mobile gadgets such as tablet computers and smartphones. Android Inc., was the initial developer of Android and it was purchased by Google on August 17 2005.

The Android Operating System And Its Multipurpose Utilities

Google’s Android has been one of the toughest competitors to Apple’s smartphone offering: iPhone. Android has gone through a variety of versions including Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread and Honeycomb.

Middle Eastern Census Application

The solution (localized in Arabic) is meant to collect census data of each household across the country using a mobile device. To avoid loss of data the information had to be synchronized with regional offices and with the central server at fixed intervals.

Kindle Fire Vs iPad 2: Battle of the Top Tablets

When it comes to tablets, only two names currently ring a bell: Kindle Fire and iPad. Apple’s tablet has been enjoying its success ever since it was launched on the early months of 2011. However, it is now faced with the challenge in the form of Amazon’s first ever tablet, the Kindle Fire. The two are currently in the race towards the top of tablet sales. Which is the true winner?

GSM Antennas and Their Uses

This article explains all about GSM antennas, what they do and how they work. They are an essential piece of equipment for cellular installations. Anyone looking at implementing cellular communications into their equipment should find this useful.

Types of Smart Phones

Earlier phones were just used to make calls, but today phones come with advanced technology and enhanced features. These smart phones are capable of so much more than just making calls. With this advanced technology, awesome features and specifications it easy to access the net, send emails, download books, songs, games, watch videos and movies, share photos, stay connected via social networking sites, create and share presentations, video conference and much more.

The Usage of the iPad

A new world of sophistication and a different way of doing business in this century has brought about technology such as an iPad. This is a very useful tool for both business and personal use. It has the advantage of being portable and versatile in all situations.

Download Games for Nokia 5800

Nokia has released a select group of download games for Nokia 5800. The themes, games and the applications can be downloaded right onto the 5800 by Nokia. Some of them can even be downloaded onto the Nokia N97.

Top 5 iPhone Apps For Keeping Up With Daily News Around the World

Mobile apps today can do everything. Whether you need to find a restaurant, check your email, update Facebook, send photos or get a coupon, apps can do it all and more in seconds. That includes keeping you abreast of breaking news, as long as you’ve got the right ones. Here are the top five apps for keeping up with news around the world:

Mobile Platform Development Gives Widespread Scope For Your Business

Leading companies who specialize in mobile platform development solutions, work with expert designers who are skilled in creating applications compatible to all major operating systems of mobile devices. They possess an experience of a considerable number of years which has equipped them with an in depth knowledge of different smart phones, tablets, PCs, iPhones and so on.

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