15 Coolest Gadgets That Are Worth Seeing

Using VoIP on Your Smartphone

Using VoIP on your smartphone is the smart thing to do. Not only does VoIP offer significant cost advantages for regular telephone calls online or to landlines, but you can some great services when you agree to a VoIP deal.

New Information About Smartphone Application Development

Smartphone is an advanced handset device. Advanced technologies and new features have been squeezed into the Smartphone. Its key features are Internet, e-mail and the ability related to e-book reader.

Android Guide to Making a Google Account

Creating a Google Account is one of the basic tasks required to set-up you’re android phone. Setting up this account is really easy, just follow these simple steps!

Superior Remote Access For Your PC

Whether you’re across the room or across the globe, there are various methods of remotely accessing your box. If you know how to use a web browser, then you already have the know-how to log into your, say, office PC from anywhere.

The App Marketing ‘Secret’ Every App Developer Needs to Know

App marketing is a tricky business. Countless hours (and plenty of cash) can be spent on promoting an iPhone or Android app with no improvement in sales from the App Store. So what is the real secret to marketing a mobile app? The answer is revealed in this article.

VoIP Industry: The Most Neglected Hot Niche for Affiliate Marketers

Today, hundreds of thousands of people and organizations are involved in affiliate programs and are earning thousands of dollars every day. However, there are some niches, that are yet to be explored by Affiliates, and they have huge potential of generating income for both; company and affiliate. VoIP (voice over IP) industry is one such example, which has the potential and programs which have promising rewards. Over the last decade, the industry has been consistently growing at a rapid pace and it is expected that by 2014, its size will be around $75 billions.

The Future of Google Apps for Business

More and more businesses are moving to the cloud in search of better communication and collaboration tools and mobile access. Google Apps provides the most hassle free way of life when it comes to organizing business. The main advantages are the ability to share information and collaborate securely in real time, affordability, lower maintenance costs, no downtime and more than enough storage space.

Achieving Profits From Interactive Mobile Marketing

It is no secret that mobile marketing is quickly emerging as the “next big thing” in the world of interactive marketing strategies. In fact, mobile marketing could prove to be one of the most lucrative marketing concepts developed in recent years because the audience for mobile marketing campaigns is tremendous.

Mobile Application Development – The Next Growing Technology in 2012

Mobile application development is all set for a rapid progress in 2012 with the growing popularity of smart phones across all age as well as income groups. Smart phones are now making a steady foray into the daily lives of millions around the world, enabling them to keep in constant touch with people and things that matter the most.

Comparison Chart for Mobile App Development Methods

By now, the word “app” has become common parlance in our everyday vernacular. Even Dictionary.com has a definition of the word to mean a “small, specialized program downloaded onto mobile devices.” Everyone knows what an app is and almost everyone even has an idea for one.

HTML5 Mobile Commerce Implementations

At present, we live in a world wherein technology is rapidly growing and being developed by the minute. It is a powerful force that is completely revolutionizing the way people live and improving their quality of life. Among these many technological developments, the release of HTML5 mobile technology has been set in motion. Utilization of mobile internet in sync with the relative demand for developed mobile web designers and developers have been continuously growing.

Mobile Websites and Their Strategic Turnaround For Businesses

In earlier days of mobiles, this high tech equipment was used to make and receive calls. With the advent of mobile internet, the scenario has been changed tremendously. Most of the businesses have now understood the gravity of the mobi websites in promotion and success of their business ventures.

Hire a Google Android Developer – Company VS Freelancer

When out to hire a Google Android developer many can be seen confused on whether to hire a Google Android developer from a company or hire a freelancer working independently. To make the best choice it is important to base the hiring decision on several other factors as well. It is not just the money but needs a need based analysis to actually decide which option would be best for you. Google Android developers either working with a company or as a freelancer come with some special features, know them before you make the choice.

Wireless Technology

Wireless technology has changed the face of the twenty-first century. Convenient, efficient and effective – this technology has become an integral part of our lives.

How Vendors Providing Mobile Management Services Operate

Any company considering outsourcing its mobile management functions should understand what this involves. Not only will the vendor help the company identify the best wireless plans within budget, it will also provide reporting and device support. Companies often do not realize they will receive all these services. They should understand what services are included with their agreement and should also be aware of other aspects of the arrangement.

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