15 Coolest Gadgets That Are Worth Seeing

Why Are Their More Viruses on Android Then iPhone?

Ever wonder why Android phones seem to get more viruses and Trojans? What is going on in the Android world that makes the iPhone seem safer?

The Benefits of Veterinarian Mobile Website

This is great news for any type of business since the goal is always to bring more customers and clients to use the services that are offered as well as picking up products that are on sale. This is true even for veterinarians who are also part of the struggle to stay on top of all the other types of businesses that are out there. Today, mobile marketing requires that you also have a mobile website in order to allow for better view from the small handheld mobile devices that we all carry around with us all…

How Businesses Benefit by Working With a ShoreTel Provider

Looking to connect business communications like voice, video, chat, social and more? Talk with a ShoreTel provider for options to unify your business communications. ShoreTel’s IP phone system helps keep workforces connected, from the inside out. Designed to integrate communications via multiple channels, a ShoreTel provider makes business transactions and interactions happen seamlessly.

Mobile Application Development: Best Free Mobile Apps for Photographers

Digital cameras changed the world of photography, and smartphones with inbuilt high-quality cameras completely transformed photography. Today, anyone armed with a smartphone and mobile applications can create striking and artistic photographs in a matter of minutes. This article discusses the five best mobile applications for photographers.

What Is The Difference Between Netbooks And Notebooks?

In the world of computers, netbooks have become the latest ‘buzz’ word and they are much more in demand due to their low cost and portability. However, many people think there are not any differences between netbooks and notebooks. There are key differences consumers should be aware of so they can make a more informed decision when making their selection.

What Is a Memory Card Reader?

A memory card reader is the device that accesses the data that is stored on a memory card and allows a computer to use that data. Memory cards are great for transferring photos or music between computers or from computers to mobile devices.

Top 10 iPhone Apps for Personal Finance

There are many applications for the iPhone that give users the ability to make personal financing easier than ever. While solving one pain-in-the-neck issue, it creates another – which app to buy? Because of the popularity of these headache-reducing apps, there is an overwhelming amount of options available in the App Store. Deciphering which app is the best available is almost impossible. Add in the fact that so many aren’t free, and choosing the right one the first time around could save time and money.

Native Mobile Applications VS Mobile Websites

As the world of technology becomes increasingly mobile, businesses and website owners are faced with the question of how to best leverage this demand while providing prospective customers with the best mobile experience that users are coming to expect. Enterprises are no longer asking whether or not they should develop a mobile strategy but are deciding which options are going to have the greatest potential reach while maximizing their return of investment.

What’s With the Samsung Galaxy i7500 Android Phone?

Think back to the last time you logged in, surfed the web and glanced at the top trending topics. Chances are you came across the Samsung Galaxy i7500. With all the fuss surrounding it, this android phone has landed on the list of popular searches more than once. But what about this new model has everyone buzzing?

Newly Launched Sony S1 Tablet

The newly launched Sony S1 Tablet though similar in looks like regular tablet, but there is one twist; its back panel is thicker at one end in comparison to the other, thus gives an angled view while placed on a flat surface. The S2’s clamshell design indicates that the tablet can be folded down into half size and simply stock up in a small purse or bag. Sony representatives assert that it can be tucked into a pocket, but the pocket needs to be a seriously spacious.

Cloud Computing – A Silver Lined Cloud or Not?

It is said ‘every cloud has a silver lining’; is this true of the concept of cloud computing? To have your head in the clouds generally means you have no idea what is going on around you; does the same adage hold true for cloud computing or will putting your faith in it give you for clearer view of your IT usage and save you money as well. What is cloud computing?

What Is An iPhone App And A Smart Phone?

Staying current with the changes and progress in technology is a challenge for any cell phone user. Regular cellular phones allow the user to send text messages or make calls to another party, and usually offer a few entertaining games as well. The smart phone has taken those functions and combined them with the features of a computer, now enabling most people to continue working wherever they are. There are literally thousands of different apps available depending on what you are looking for.

8 Cloud Computing Companies To Watch In 2012

Cloud computing today is more popular than ever before. Over the last few years, nearly all leaders in technology jumped right into cloud computing market. Cloud computing firms that have potential to lead in 2012 are discussed below.

The Increasing Demand of iPhone Applications

The success of iPhone made Apple introduce four advanced versions and the reason behind its success was that the device supported the development of simple apps which made it even more amazing. With the iPhone becoming successful, the demand for iPhone Apps is also increasing. It was during July 2008 when the number of apps per month were 500 and today there are more than 350,000 apps available in the apps store and the store has noticed a remarkable number of downloads from the iPhone users.

Warming Up To Tablets

When iPads first came out, I quite frankly did not see a need for yet another gadget. They didn’t seem to provide me with the ability to accomplish more than what my notebooks and netbook already do. Then other companies got on the bandwagon with their own tablets, making it very difficult to ignore or dismiss this trend.

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