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iOS 5 Features – What Is the iMessage Feature All About?

iMessage is one of the cool new features that is available to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users that have the new iOS 5 software. This feature gives you various opportunities to stay in touch with friends and family and coworkers and business clients. It has great capabilities that you should definitely take advantage of.

iOS 5 – All About the New iOS 5 Notification Center Feature

The iOS 5 release is finally official. The new software was released on 12th October 2011 and is now available to all users of iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices to download for free. You can readily update your device’s system automatically, but not before you learn more about the cool new features of the software. The Notification Center is among the most impressive ones.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Reviews

Before you decide which Samsung tablet you want, you should read at least one good Samsung Galaxy review. When it comes to the world of tablets, there are few companies that have gotten a better reputation for delivering great goods than Samsung. However, the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, which has a 10.1 inch screen, doesn’t come without a pretty hefty price tag. At around $500 on Amazon, the Samsung Galaxy review you read should explain why it’s worth every penny, otherwise you might end up with a product that you don’t really want.

iOS 5 Mail More Functional Than Ever Before

The iOS 5 release was officially made on 12th October 2011. Now users of iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices can readily upgrade to the new platform by downloading the software from Apple’s website for free. You can enjoy over 200 new features. The Mail app has got some amazing new functions and features that you should definitely check out.

iOS 5 Comes With New and Improved Entertainment Features

The iOS 5 release is finally official. Now users of iPad, iPhone and iPod touch can take advantage of a huge array of cool new features. They are over 200 to be precise. You can readily use the gadgets to organize your schedule and work better. However, they now have amazing new entertainment features that you should not miss to check out as well.

iOS 5 – Amazing iOS 5 Tech Features Improve Performance Even Further

The official iOS 5 released took place on 12 October 2011. Now you can readily download the software for free from the official website of Apple, provided that you have a device that you can use it on. The reality is that the new system opens a huge range of new opportunities to users. Many of them are available thanks to the innovative technical features.

IOS 5 – What to Expect From the IOS 5 Safari Reader

The iOS 5 release is now a fact. The software was officially released on 12 October 2011. Now users of iPad, iPhone and iPod devices can upgrade to the new system automatically just by downloading the software for free. What do you get with iOS 5? You will enjoy over 200 cool features with one of the best ones being the Safari app.

IOS 5 Features – Camera and Photo Features You Will Love

The iOS 5 has brought many new improvements. You can readily take advantage of them provided that you have an iPad, iPhone and/or iPod touch device. The Camera app on the iPhone comes with great features and so does the Photo app for the three devices. Find out what you can expect in terms of performance and benefits.

IOS 5 Gives You Great New Features to Organize Your Time

The official release of iOS 5 is now a fact. The software was made available to all users of iPad, iPhone and iPod touch on 12th October 2011. Now you can download it for free to update your Apple device. If you get a new product, the software will be integrated in it. Thanks to the new Calendar and Reminder features, your life will be much better organized.

IOS 5 Makes It Possible to Tweet to Your Friends Via Your Apple Portable Devices

The iOS 5 release on 12th October 2011 made millions of Apple device users extremely happy. Now there is no need to get non-Apple apps for using Twitter. The social network is now automatically accessible to all iOS 5 users.

iOS 5 and the Integrated iCloud Technology – Multiple New Capabilities

The iOS 5 is finally here. Now it is available to download for free at the official website of Apple. All users of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch will be able to upgrade the software devices directly without any costs involved. The new software has over 200 new features with almost all of them being powered by the new integrated iCloud technology.

iOS 5.0 Features That Make iOS 5 App Development Easier

iPhone 5 or 4s has been launched with the clear intention of pitching it against the exemplary and high capability android devices. iPhone 5 is not as much loaded on the outside as it is on the inside with the upgraded iOS 5.0. iOS 5 app development has opened up new avenues of innovation and invention for the mobile application development world in general and for the iPhone application developer in particular. With more than 200 new features, iOS 5 is a real game-changer not just for the users but also for the developers.

How to Asses Bids on Elance

Assessing bids on a potential outsources project is one of the most important steps. By using the following guide you should be able to properly asses bids given to you on the popular outsourcing site Elance.

iPad or Android Tablets: What’s the Difference?

Whether you prefer iPad or Android tablets, it is evident now that the Android platform is offering a serious threat to Apple’s domination of the tablet market. How do the two compare and is one really so much better than the other?

Malicious Apps Can Disable Android Os Anti-Virus Software

Android developers have another challenge on their hands. Privateer Labs has reported that a certain component in Android OS can be exploited by malware to subvert the anti-virus software rendering anti-virus scans on your Android device ineffective.

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