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iPhone 4 App Development: Top 5 Crazy, Wacky, And Weird Apps For Your iPhone 4

The combination of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S has paved the way for some seriously good app development. While this super combination has yielded a number of high-quality apps, it has also given birth to some rather wacky apps. This article takes a look at 5 of the weirdest iPhone apps that succeeded in capturing the attention of millions of iPhone users.

Busy? Here’s How a Portable Tablet PC Can Make Your Life Easier

Are tablet PCs just glorified games consoles? Or oversized smartphones? No, actually, and here are four ways they can make your life easier and be worth the investment.

Make the Right Decision Re: The Best Tablet PC for You

With every new technology comes a new learning curve in the marketplace and tablet PCs are no different. So with the wide selection available, how do you know which one is going to give you the best bang for your buck?

Get the Most From Your Tablet PC With These Must-Have Accessories

When purchasing a tablet PC, you should factor in the cost of accessories because you’ll probably want more than its “out of the box” functionality. Here are five basic accessories most tablet users won’t do without.

Tablet PCs: Perfect for Business People

There’s a lot of attention given to the amazing array of entertainment options on tablet PCs. But more and more people are realising just how useful they can be for business as well, especially for executives. If you spend a lot of time in meetings and/or giving presentations, a tablet PC is a powerful, lightweight tool that can make your day-to-day professional life easier.

Laptop Memory Installation 101 – Locating SODIMM Memory Slots

You’ve researched and subsequently hopefully bought the correct SODIMM(s) with which to upgrade your laptop but are left scratching your head over just where to install them? Why don’t laptop manufacturers just make your life easier by giving clear instructions instead of regularly acting as if too much to ask? Truth be told that’s something only they truly know the answer to, meanwhile let’s try and lift the strain off your shoulders by offering you some pointers in where to look, after all who needs their help anyway?

Toshiba Thrive Tablet Is the Latest Attraction in the Market

The Toshiba Thrive that has got very insistent price is a latest buzz in the market, the grooved back, USB and HDMI support, SD card slot, and replaceable battery validates massive design. In addition, the inbuilt file management system makes accessing and finding records in the Honeycomb easier. This bulky and aggressively priced Honeycomb earns girth with complete port support and the removable battery.

Android Tablet Reviews: Honeycomb OS

Android Honeycomb is the current Google Android OS. It has received a dramatic improvement compared to Gingerbread in several aspects. One of the most obvious examples is enhanced applications in Honeycomb. Many of the native apps on Android have been completely rethought and enhanced, such as the email, browser, android market, Google Talk, and YouTube.

Amazon Kindle Fire – The Best Tablet at an Affordable Price

Kindle Fire is indeed the best selling product of Amazon since its release on November 15, 2011. As a computer tablet version of Amazon’s Kindle eBook reader, it proudly stands as the most popular tablet in the United States, second only to Apple’s iPad. It is estimated that about 5 million Kindle Fire tablet will be sold by the end of 2011.

5 Mobile Apps for Traveling

Smart phones and mobile devices are a must nowadays when traveling. Whereas vacationers and international travelers once had to rely on almanacs, printed guides, and Internet cafes, mobile applications now give them access to information on the fly in the palm of their hand. If you plan on going abroad at any point in the near future, you’ll want to have the following applications installed on your mobile phone to make your trip less stressful.

What Is the Difference Between 3G and WiFi?

Business use phones a lot. This article is an exploration of the differences between 3G and Wireless and the options available to leverage these subtle differences in both conversations and communications.

Involve Your Facebook Friends in a Scavenger Hunt With iPhone’s Hunt and Snap

Hunt and Snap is one of the most intriguing and exciting applications to be released in the app store this year. Hunt and Snap brings your iPhone and Facebook account together giving you the opportunity to participate in, and create scavenger hunts for your friends to join.

Great Mobile Apps – 2 Things They Must Have

What makes a great app? To be more specific – what makes a really great mobile app? As I have written in some of my previous posts there are unique challenges with mobility in terms of form factor (which is just a fancy way of saying device size) and what it means to be productive. These challenges are not always accounted for. Many mobile app designs suffer from…

Future Trends And Landscape For Mobility And Mobile App Development

Getting a clear picture of mobile app development or mobility can be a bit difficult since there are a number of devices, platforms and technologies available. But the future holds promise!

Areas of Key Focus in 2012 for iPhone App Developers

As the scope for iPhone application development is broadening with each passing day, the industry is facing a number of important questions as the year is about to end. The most important of all questions is the need to know what the future holds for iPhone app developers in 2012. The times are rapidly changing and the world is facing an economic crisis that does not seem to be abating anytime soon.

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