14″ MacBook Pro vs 13″ MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air! – Don’t Be FOOLED!

Samsung Series 7 Gamer Review: A Serious PC Gaming Powerhouse

The Samsung Series 7 Gamer is the introduction of Samsung’s affinity for producing the best gaming laptop. It promises to deliver a more comprehensive gaming experience and ushers in new innovations that will keep the Series 7 a step ahead of the competition.

Digital Storm Veloce Review: Built for Speed and Comfort

The Digital Storm Veloce promises to give you an extremely high performing new gaming laptop contained in a sleek looking, energy efficient, well designed PC gaming powerhouse. Offering the best PC gaming experience on a 13.3 inch screen, the Digital Storm Veloce put the latest and best components into their super compact shell without compromising any performance.

5 Steps to Rapid Mobile App Creation

Making apps doesn’t have to be that hard. There are ways around long, drawn-out, expensive app cycles. Here’s how.

A Brief Know – How of Adaptive Content Management

Moving one step forward to responsive web design, here comes the concept of adaptive content management. According to experts responsive design is a solution for displaying websites on different sized screens but the result is not satisfying as the content looks clumsy and ill organised. For this the latest news is that of adaptive content design and management.

Mobile Payments And Premium SMS

The arrival of a better, more secure mobile payment option has emerged through the constantly developing mobile market. The days of unreliable delivery receipts, limited tariffs and a reputation for operators ripping off the consumer are a long forgotten problem with the smart advances that have occurred through the new technologies on offer. Mobile payment, also referred to as mobile money, refers to payment services operated through a mobile device.

Using a Tablet for Remote Working

Tablets are often thought of as devices to be used for fun rather than work, devices for consuming rather than producing. However, the more I think about it, the more I begin to realise that they could be ideal for remote working.

How Cloud Computing Improves Online Billing

The two hot technology terms “online billing” and “cloud computing” are continuing to boom throughout the tech world, and both became a huge contribution to the financial structure of companies. Both are great technologies considered a great breakthrough on the internet and automation for the finance world.

New Generic Top Level Domains Program

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has released the results for the first set of new generic Top Level Domains through their Initial Evaluation on their new domains Program. This marks a major milestone on the web, as it corresponds to a change from the current 20+ generic top level domains and more than 200 country code top level domains are available. This means you can now register a domain in a variety of options to further your financial website reach.

3 New Features to Create Mobile Websites in 2013

Keep updated of all the new features for mobile websites. The latest updates include Facebook, and your favorite restaurants.

How To Detect Android Memory Leaks

This article discusses memory leaks in android application and the tools available for finding the memory leaks. In addition, tracking of memory leaks, the problems related to memory and the solutions are briefed here.

Mobile 3D Game Development and the Mobile Gaming Experience

The rise of the mobile game development companies in the market has been nothing short of meteoric. It is also a highly lucrative industry, where mobile game developers are continuously in demand.

Top iPhone Apps for Plant Lovers

There are various types of people having different hobbies. Using an iPhone one can easily do what he/she wants to do. If you have the tendency to pick up a pair of pruning scissors and go snip-snip on the plants in your balcony, lawn or garden and find it therapeutic, then you would be amazed at the number of iPhone apps out there that will help you indulge your green thumb.

How Much Do You Know About Bulk SMS?

How much do you know about Bulk SMS? Nowadays, almost everyone knows what Bulk SMS is. However, just in case you want to know more details about it, this article will explain and introduce to you the concept of it.

Best Movie Apps for iPad

Watching movies is great if you have an iPad. Lots of apps let you play videos either entirely free of charge or on subscription. In this article I will explain the best iPad movie apps that have found their way to my tablet.

Understanding Android TV

Many people ask about what Google Android TV actually is. Here is a short article that would help demystify that quite easily. The key to understanding android TV is in the simplicity it has – you would be getting a quick access to all the things you have with Chrome. You would have Google play integrated very easily with your television thanks to smart TV. That means, you can now watch your favorite videos that you have become tired of watching online, on your large screen television, quite easily.

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