14 Coolest Gadgets That Are Worth Buying

Panasonic Tablet PC’s – Built To Go The Distance

Panasonic Tablet PCs offer a range of features focused on specific users, all of them branded part of the Toughbook range. As the name suggests, the computers are built to survive rough treatment by people that require mobile computing because they often work out in the field.

Tablet PCs Trade Up A Shopping Revolution!

It’s not only smartphones that today’s consumers are increasingly turning to for quick search and instant ordering from retail websites. Latest studies show that tablet PCs continue to boost a shopping revolution, which is rapidly transforming purchasing online.

iPhone Application Development – Earn Money Through iPhone App Store

iPhone app store allows individual developers to submit their apps and sell them to iPhone users. Over 2 billion apps were sold last year, and more apps are expected to be sold this year. A develop can earn good money for every single app he/she sells, and this makes developing apps and selling them on the app store a great idea.

Introduction To Smartphone Application Development

There are three ways to look at smartphone application development. One is from the point of view of a developer, which entails figuring out what the client needs and what platform(s) are suited for it. The other two views are to look at it from the point of view of a business and as a customer.

3G iPad – Detailed Review on Features

The specific iPad tablet may be the most advanced and technologically highly developed tablet PC available in the market nowadays. From the specific iPad, a person is able to stay in touch with the most recent news bulletin, watch your desired films and even save any data and entertainment in a single spot.

Top 10 Hot Spot No-Nos

Did you know that texting and driving is now completely illegal in more than 30 states? All the more reason to pull the car over, get out, and head inside to your favorite wi-fi hot spot. Typically, the A/C is cool, the lattes are iced and the member reward discounts are frozen in time (meaning they never expire).

iPad Vs iPhone – Should You Get An iPad If You Already Have An iPhone?

Apple revolutionized the mobile phone industry with their iPhone. With the release of the iPad, they are attempting to revolutionize the mobile computer market as well. A lot of people who own the iPhone already are wondering why they should even bother buying the iPad. After all, the iPad just seems like an oversized version of the iPhone with more computing power.

Apple Planning a Huge Bang by the Years End

Since the unveiling of the next-generation iPhone handset approaches, the Wall Street Edition is revealing the fact that Apple is in fact preparing to deliver an increasing quantity of iPhones to close out the 2011 year with a bang. Apple has actually been placing large orders placed for all the necessary elements to create the upcoming iPhone, and with the hype and media frenzy carrying on with to make in full steam the item is anticipated to sell off perfectly.

Mobile Applications And Its Future Trends

Mobile applications are in great demand today. Most operating systems have come up with their own app stores and have revved up competition too.

Siting M2M Antennas In Poor Signal Areas

When installing M2M antennas with wireless equipment such as GSM/GPRS modems, the M2M antenna is often placed in environments such as basements or solid concrete structures resulting in poor signal being received. The purpose of this note is to allow an understanding of how to improve the M2M antenna RF signal quality using whilst appreciating the fundamental of good installation practice.

Your Smart Phone Is A QR Code Reader

Have you looked upon all the features of your smart phone? If yes, then maybe you have ran across that one called “QR code” of which you may have little knowledge about. This code is very useful especially when it comes to choosing for the right items to buy online.

Web Pro Has a Go at Making an iPad Stylus Out of Household Materials

We just had to have a go at making one of these ourselves, but the frustration was we had to order an integral part – the conductive foam. There are thousands of tutorials out there showing you how to do it with conductive foam and aluminium foil but we come across an article that said you can use a house hold cleaning pad named Scotch-Brite.

7 Important Reasons To Use Gmail

I’ve been using Gmail ever since it became available to the public and I haven’t used another email solution since. Read all about why Gmail is the right solution for you.

What I Have Learned About Developing and Earning From Android Apps

Earning good money from Android apps took me a little longer than I expected, but here are a few lessons learned that can help speed things up for you. It shouldn’t take long to start earning your first dollar with Android!

In the Cloud With Chromebook Vs The Grounded Apple iPad

Operating in the cloud is revolutionary and a necessity in today’s aggressive and global business environment. Google has introduced the Chromebook as the world’s server of applications. There is much controversy on whether the Chromebook will do as promised and whether Google can become the key player with online apps.

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