13 Coolest Gadgets That Are Worth Seeing

What Is the Place for Mobile Deposit Capture at a Mobile Payments Conference?

The Mobile Payments Conference is a recent development in the business world and generally runs for 2 days. These highly anticipated events focus on the acceleration of mobile remote deposit capture involving giant companies such as Visa, American Express, MasterCard, T-Mobile USA, Verizon Wireless, Barclays, AT&T and Discover Financial Services.

The Best iPhone Applications Did Their Homework!

Six key characteristics separate successful iPhone/iPod apps from duds. Does your app meet any or all of these key six indicators?

Keeping Your Phone Safe While the Certificate Authority Dust Settles

With news of major certificate authorities being hacked filling the information security headlines, the moguls of the internet, such as Microsoft, Google, and Apple, have all made quick responses to protect their PC user bases. But what about their mobile customers? None of them, have taken any steps to protect those of us who use smartphones and tablets to browse the web. With the foundation of the SSL infrastructure under attack, what can you do to protect your privacy and security while browsing the web on your mobile device?

Smartphones Growing Big With Apps Development Technology!

We have seen how smart applications have grown in their scope and significance that they offer to our lives. Predominantly the architecture of these apps has been the major component to communicate their reach. All that we had seen in the initial years when smartphones appeared is yet another compilation of computers and internet technology together.

iPhone App Development: Have Fun With Many Applications

If you have got an app idea or are looking for an iPhone app development company, then it is important to know where to look because only best company can meet your application needs. Check them and hire the best.

How to Increase Smart Phone Battery Life

Here are some tips to prolong smart phone battery use by saving energy. An important underlying principle to remember is that most savings come at the price of certain tradeoffs.

The Mobile Wallet: Shaping the Market for Alternative Payments and Money Movement

Advances in mobile and digital technology have seen new and modern developments change the way we do things. Shopping and making payments for services will never be the same again. More and more people, as well as businesses, are beginning to accept and adopt modern payment methods that make business and commerce safer, available to a greater number of people, while adding an alternative form of payment.

Mobile Banking and Mobile Payments: Supporting Payment Channel Diversification

Technology keeps getting better at a rapid pace. Advances in technology, especially in regards to devices, computers and other forms of modern communication have seen great strides and advances in the last couple of years. Modern technology now allows mobile phone owners and users the ability to access the internet, shop and undertake many other activities that were unheard of just a couple of years back.

Mobile Banking Applications: Implementing WAP Billing

Wireless Application Protocol, commonly known by the acronym WAP, is a free worldwide standard allowing mobile tools like smartphones, iPhones and laptops to acquire an internet connection while becoming compatible with large network bearers. The ability to authorize transactions allows WAP to supersede the recent implementation of mobile banking applications through 2-way messaging (SMS).

Travel Printers in a Nutshell

Everyone is nowadays witnessing the high-speed expansion of the market, mainly in the technology sector. Small travel printers are the future production of ordinary printers, although more in the conditions of usefulness instead of quality. They can be small and light just enough to be used in your briefcase. Commonly they own the equal if not better worth of printed documents.

Educating Consumers on Mobile Banking Security and Mobile Money Transfer

In this day and age, most people have mobile phones. These cell phones are a necessity for modern man. They can be used to make calls, email, play games and send text messages. Many businesses have integrated special templates on their websites to enable access for mobile phones, granting convenience to those on the move or who are extremely busy and work outdoors.

Battling Disruptive Competitors In The Race For Mobile Payment Solutions And P2P

The world which we live in has been transforming dramatically and this certainly includes payment options. While banks used to be the top players in this industry, other outlets are jockeying for position in this race as well. Mobile payment solutions as well as P2P payments are heating up the race to get to the front of the line. These new services are becoming increasingly important, as with other changes in society, people are increasingly looking for convenience.

Next Generation Payments: The Future of E-Banking and Pay by Phone Platforms

Point of sale transactions changed forever when the first pay by phone retail terminals appeared. With much excitement, critics and consumers alike began cheering for the end of “swipe” payments as the country starts using smartphones to pay for purchases in traditional retail stores.

Contactless Payments: The Power Of The NFC Mobile Payment

Near field communications (NFC) is a system which allows for the exchange of data, simple transactions and connections over short distances at the touch of a button. The system is revolutionizing commerce. It is making it quicker. Using NFC, customers can choose the products and services they want, press a few buttons on their phones, and exit the store.

Mobile Payments News: The Latest Mobile Payment Trends

Ever since the idea of mobile phones was first introduced years ago, it has evolved tremendously. It has changed the ways we communicate on a daily basis & not only that but it has made many daily activities much more convenient. Checking your email, keeping up with mobile payments news or browsing the internet have all turned mobile phone usage into a big trend.

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