13 Coolest Gadgets for Men That Are Worth Seeing

Augmented Reality Marketing: How To Use This New Technology For Your Marketing Goals

Augmented reality (AR) is defined as a live, direct view of the physical environment augmented by computer-assisted sensory input including sound, video, graphics or GPS information. As a result, the technology functions by enhancing one’s current perception of reality. When AR is combined with mobile commerce or mCommerce, large retailers poise themselves in the front of the pack by deciding and planning their marketing strategies in using this system.

Android Apps And Their Integration With An ERP Solution

Field service executives always find it tough to update sales orders and even get information from the main company ERP database. But there is a way out here!

How to Improve Your Laptop’s Wi-Fi Performance

Most laptop, netbook and notebook users would prefer to connect their portable computer to the Internet via a Wi-Fi link. It is more convenient to use a wireless connection as this avoids running a cable from the router to the computer. Unfortunately, the disadvantage is that the signal strength, and therefore, the Internet connection speed and reliability will decrease the further the computer is from the wireless router.

iPhone Game Development – 5 Great iPhone Games For Toddlers

It is not easy to keep toddlers away from your favorite toys: the iPhone. If your kid spends too much time playing games on iPhone, it may impede his mental growth, but a few minutes of gaming everyday won’t harm him. This article looks at 5 great iPhone games for toddlers.

The Impact of Amazon’s Kindle Fire on the Tablet Market

Apple’s iPad was long thought to be an unstoppable force in the tablet market. Despite the release of critically acclaimed tablet computers running on the Android OS such as the Samsung Galaxy and ASUS Eee Pad Transformer, the iPad was still topping the chart of tablet sales figures. Many analysts doubted the ability of an Android tablet to usurp the iPad’s place atop the market. Then, in early November, Amazon threw its hat into the ring and released its own tablet: the Kindle Fire. Unlike many of the other Android tablets competing with the iPad, the Kindle Fire is highly affordable while still remaining feature-heavy.

QR Codes Are Here to Stay

We’ve all seen them. The odd groups of dots, bubbles, and lines that are popping up all over the world. Many people are still looking at these boxes of dots and lines and scratching their heads. What are these little boxes?

The Truth About Mobile Computing

Mobile computing covers a vast array of technology: communication; mobile hardware and mobile software. Though nice, mobile computing is not without issue. Mobile devices present a significant amount of serious threats to corporate data. It goes several layers deeper than trusting the recipient of the information. As mobile devices increase in popularity, so do the risks.

The Benefits of Windows Application Development

The operating system developed by Microsoft is growing popularity in mobile devices. The reason for this is the similarity to the PC’s people use on a daily basis. It is not so foreign as Apple products.

NFC and 2011’s Latest Trends in Mobile Marketing

If your marketing style does not include social networking then you have to innovate and search for the latest marketing trends today. Almost everything that comes out in the market is promoted through social networking sites or through mobile applications and text messaging. The mobile marketing trend 2012 is seen as the new merchant to promote products and services.

The Mobile Marketing Trends That Are Changing Ecommerce

With a saturation of smartphones on the market more and more businesses are using a mobile marketing strategy for new innovative ways to reach customers. Smartphones have the high end advanced functions required for mobile marketing. Smartphones can run third party applications including merchant applications and GPS location applications.

Push Notifications: How Essential Are They To Your App?

Push notifications enable apps to read text messages without opening the message. For example if you enable a push notification for a business app, the app will be able to provide latest updates about the business such as discounts, promo codes, latest coupons and other promotional activities. The notification will send a text and if you open it, you will be directed to the business app for additional information.

The Industry’s Best Mobile Marketing Campaigns

What used to be the best in the past will not be as good today. This holds true for many things due to the inventions that people make. A lot of things have improved over the years and even the way of shopping has evolved. Gone are the days when people had to go to their favorite stores to get the things that they want.

Mobile Phone Technology Makes mCommerce a Reality

In recent years, mobile commerce, or mCommerce, has developed into a major marketing tool for many industries. In the same way the Internet revolutionized communications and marketing, mobile communications technology has greatly refined the way business is done.

The Future of Windows Phone 7

There’s no question that at the start of 2012, the smartphone market is still being dominated by Google’s Android platform and Apple’s iOS; together they control over three-quarters of the total smartphone market share. However, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating system intends to steal some of the two mobile giants’ users away with its critically acclaimed and uniquely designed interface. Microsoft began releasing full touch-screen smartphones around the same time as Google and Apple, but their early devices were no match for the usability of Androids or iPhones. With Mango, the most recent update released for WP7, Microsoft’s mobile platform is as visually impressive, high-powered, and user-friendly as any Android or iOS device. So what does the future hold for WP7? Can Microsoft succeed in the world of smartphones, even with Google and Apple’s seemingly perpetually growing market strongholds?

The Mobile Internet

I’ve been involved with the mobile internet for over 10 years now. It’s very exciting to see where the technology has gone over the past decade to get us to where we are now, a place where everyone, even the children, depend on wireless data to keep touch with the world. It took awhile to get here, but the mobile internet has arrived.

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