13 Coolest Gadgets for Men That Are Worth Seeing

Android Smartphone And Tablet Hold 54% Impression Share

Android’s operating system holds an astounding 54 percent impression share in the Smartphone and tablet market. The Android application ad spend percentage is at 49 percent, which is the highest with iOS in close second with 41 percent. Android development has increased the profit shares in their market due to availability of their software for phones and tablets.

Advantages Of Rooting Your Android Device

Android is emerging as another popular mobile OS rivaling the more established platforms. Android mobile applications have seen a tremendous burst of android development activity with its ever-increasing scope and range.

Nook Color and Kindle Fire – Two eReader-Tablet Hybrids Compared

Currently there are two main competitors on the market of eReader/tablet hybrids: Nook Color and Kindle Fire. Read the following review of these two gadgets and decide for yourself which one is better for you.

Create Your Own Mobile Applications

Technology has literally changed the way people live. People are now leading faster lives than ever. If they ever need information, they can simply search for it on Google. And if they need to call someone, they can do so even if they are outside. Mobile phones are great inventions that have taken communication from home to any place outside. And at this age of smart phones, mobile phones are now used for more than communication. They are also used for information, entertainment and other purposes.

Future Of Apple After Steve Jobs

The legend, Steve Jobs: you will remain Apple of our Eye The legendary head of Apple Corporation, Steve Jobs has died and now there is a huge empty spot in the cyber world. Many people are now wondering who could possibly replace his innovative and enthusiastic approach to creating new technological advancements. Although he had been ill for a long time, he will be sorely missed by those in his company. He was a pioneer in his field and he leaves big shoes to fill.

Choosing the Right Mobile Application Developer Isn’t for the Lighthearted

The mobile App ecosystem is experiencing tremendous growth and the demand to produce these valuable pieces of real estate on the Phone-top has created an abundance of new application development companies. Although the number of new developers is not in short supply, choosing the right one isn’t for the lighthearted. Unlike choosing a web developer where there is generally one accepted language, “HTML” and one platform, “World Wide Web” that reaches 99% of web users, mobile Apps are radically different.

The Greatest Influence of Technology in Our Lives

Smartphone Technology constitutes how we communicate and absorb breaking news from around the world. Smartphone Technology also constitutes how we feel, develop emotion, and sometimes keeps one warm at night.

Tablet Computers – Our Future?

When the first computers were invented, they took up entire rooms and had basic displays and input-output capabilities. Now, some of them became of the size and weight of a magazine. Read further about Tablet Computers.

The Use Of Electronic Books From Android

Technology has changed the way people do a large number of things. These days interaction, jobs, communication, and virtually anything can be done online. Gadgets have reshaped the daily activities of an individual’s life and living pattern in more ways than one. Mufti-functioning cell phones and hand-held devices have replaced the need of having separate devices for music, for videos, and for games. The latest revolution in technology has been the creation of touch screen tablet computers.

Publishing a BlackBerry App

One of the ways in which you can publish your apps is by joining app developer communities. There, you can have your app hosted and then downloaded. Today we will look at how to successfully publish your app the to BlackBerry App store.

Apple Sells 1M iPhone 4S in 24 Hours

The world’s most valuable technology company has announced that preorders for the latest addition to the iPhone family-iPhone 4S-has hit one million in just 24 hours. The groundbreaking first day preorder sales topped last year’s first day preorder set by iPhone 4, which only saw 600,000 units sold. Although launched to a muted response mainly because many expected the company to launch the then-rumored iPhone 5, iPhone 4S became an overnight sensation.

Stylish, Cheap Android Phones Take On Technology

With all of the innovative technologies available in today’s world, Android phones come with all of the bells and whistles of the modern age and do not have to cost a small fortune. From the HTC Wildfire and HTC Desire to the Samsung Galaxy series including the Ace and the Mini, Android phones have everything expected of a smartphone including top of the line social media integration for Twitter and Facebook, trendy designs, touchscreens in all sizes, cameras, video recorders, GPS, computers, and even more!

Time for Play – iPhone 4S Integration With Social Media and Apps

The iPhone 4S is a great device that comes with a new operating system, the IOS5. First unveiled by Steve Jobs back in the summer when he was still CEO, the operating system isn’t a surprise. Yet combined with the dual core processor and the A5 chip it means the smartphone will operate much quicker and more effectively that the previous generation, the iPhone 4.

Breakage Rates: It’s the People, Not the Hardware!

When considering the choice between rugged and non-rugged hardware, one of the first comparisons most people make is between breakage rates. But breakage rates are almost entirely unimportant in this decision. Breakage rates have little to do with the ruggedness of the hardware and everything to do with how much the field worker wants to break the device or, conversely, how much they don’t want to.

Kindle Sleeve – The Best Protection for a Kindle

Kindle sleeves are protectors for Kindles and other reading devices. Kindles come in different sizes, designs, colors and configurations to meet different individual styles and needs. They are fashionable, functional and help to keep Kindles secure, and also give maximum protection when users are on the go.

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