12 Coolest Gadgets That Are Worth Seeing

What Is The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1?

The market for tablet computers is one that has exploded over just the past couple of years. One of the most popular and versatile models on the market is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and I am going to detail a few reasons why.

Ultrabook Vs Netbook: The Battle of Portable Mini Laptops

If you’re looking for a small and light laptop, you’re probably going to choose between netbooks and the new ultrabooks that should become a big hit in the near future. Each has its strong and bad points, and I’m going to tell you a couple of things about each of them in the post below.

LG Xnote P330 Finally Reaches the Market

Looks like the long awaited Lg’s Xnote p330 is set to reach the international market after it’s Korean premiere this week. There has been a lot speculation about the machine’s future after Korean company kept silent for several months but now we know that the laptop is in fact real and includes a whole bunch of incredible features promised during the initial display earlier in June.

If I Take My Laptop on a Plane Journey Is It Likely to Be Damaged and Can It Be Used in Flight?

Laptops are delicate pieces of electronic equipment that can easily be damaged by rough handling or exposure to extremes of heat, cold or radiation. Depending upon the plane journey the laptop may be subject to any or all of these perils. So if you don’t really need to take your laptop away on the plane journey, then leave it at home.

An Introduction To Mobile Marketing

Marketing is the most important part of a business. Marketing definitely has a huge impact on the overall performance of a particular product in the market. A right marketing strategy can do wonders to the success of any product or service on offer. Marketers have various ways or methods of marketing today that they can deploy.

Utilize Mobile Ticketing Options for Your Benefit

This article deals with the benefits of mobile ticketing. It also discusses the reasons why people use this technology for their own benefit and not waste time standing in long queues.

Features of Good Mobile Shopping Applications

This article deals with some of the features of good and popular mobile shopping applications. If you keep these qualities in your mind while planning to buy one, you would be able to get the right product which you would find very easy to use.

Top 10 Ways to Use QR Codes

If utilized properly, QR codes can be a powerful marketing tool to help drive more sales and traffic to your business. When creating a QR code, you have option to embed just about any information you want including: contact information, phone number, URL to your mobile website or link to specific web page. With so many options to use QR codes, here are my top 10 ways to use QR codes for your business.

3 Ways to Get a Discount On an Apple Macbook Pro

There are many ways to save money on a new Macbook Pro. Some of them will save you $20, while others have the potential to save you hundreds of dollars. In today’s difficult economy, it has become essential to save as much money as possible on the things that we need.

Challenges And Opportunities In The Mobile Application Development World

The world is turning mobile as more than two hundred million smartphones, tablets and airbooks have already found their owners. Many trends and repercussions have to be kept in mind before initiating mobile application development.

9 Ways to Promote Your Mobile Website

According to Experts – “Mobile phones will overtake PC’s as the most common web access device worldwide”. Of course, the first step is to ensure you have a mobile presence and having a mobile website. Once you have your website, you will need to actively promote your website in order to generate some ROI and serve your customers better. Here are some examples of how you can do this:

Can Mobile Coupons Work for Your Business?

In business, the one thing that most people get hooked on is a discount or “freebie.” Therefore, you should definitely be using these types of promotions in your business. Traditionally, coupons are printed in papers and attached to magazines and newspapers. But the traditional paper coupons are quite costly since it involves paper and printing materials. To understand mobile marketing coupons, refer to the name itself. It is one effective way of breaking the ice and penetrating to your target market by way of using their favorite gadget – the coupon. Your campaign will be easily received without having to scan on papers and wait for magazine issues. Unlike the traditional paper coupons, mobile coupons are not easy to lose and maintain dignity in redemption.

Mobile Marketing Events – A Gateway To The Future!

Are you planning to attend a mobile marketing event? That’s a great decision. Read this piece to see why these events are becoming more and more popular with each passing day.

What Makes a Ticketing Software Become Popular?

There was a time when people had to wait in long queues just to get the passes to some special event or movies. Since this process had a lot of negative aspects, an online ticketing option was started. Today people can book tickets with the help of their mobile phones (or devices).

What Can Flash Drives Be Used For?

Flash drives are among the most convenient and secure ways of storing large files. Find out more by reading this article.

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