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iPhone 5 – Dreams of Amazing New Features

The iPhone 5 release will not be a fact for at least another six months or so, according to speculations. Many users are more than happy with the new and exciting features of iPhone 4S. However, in most, there is still some disappointment that they did not get the much anticipated 5th generation Apple smart phone. On the other hand, the no-show of the device has left many dreaming about even better and more innovative features.

iPhone 5 – What Do Users Expect and Want After the Release of iPhone 4S?

The non-release of iPhone 5 caused great disappointment in many, but the reality is that the 4S model has many new features and capabilities for users to enjoy. It will not be a mistake to say that this smart phone is the hottest product of its type on the market today with 4 million units sold during the first weekend after its market launch. What more can we possibly want from the 5th generation device?

iPhone 5 Release and Features – New Rumors Begin to Circulate

Despite the much talked about iPhone 5 release on October 4th, Apple announced the launch of its 4S smart phone. Everyone started asking what happened and why things turned out that way. After plausible explanations became available, rumors for the release and features of Apple’s 5th generation smart phone were fueled up once again. Even though speculations are not as abundant as before, there is plenty of information available.

Should iPhone 4 Users Upgrade to 4S or Wait for iPhone 5?

Although hundreds of sounds of fans expected the iPhone 5 release on October 4th, they got 4S instead. Many iPhone 4 users were anxiously awaited to get the 5th generation smart phone of Apple, but this cannot happen, at least for the time being. The question is whether to act now and get the 4S device or wait for what some call “the real thing”.

iPhone 5 Non-Release – A Well-Planned Move?

Rumors of the iPhone 5 release circulated for months before iPhone 4S was actually introduced on October 4th. When the audience did not get what it was expecting, the natural thing to assume was that the company had serious difficulties with developing their 5th generation smart phone. Speculations suggest that the introduction of the 4S model was a hurried move to save the day. However, you really have to ask yourself whether this was really the case.

iPhone 5 – Should You Wait for It or Get iPhone 4S?

Instead of iPhone 5 the world got iPhone 4S on October 4th 2011. To some, the disappointment was great. Others hurried to take advantage of the huge range of features of the 4S model. The question is whether to act now or wait for the 5th generation smart phone of Apple to come out.

iPhone 4S: Apple Incredible

The Apple iPhone 4S was launched Tuesday, October 4, 2011. While the upgraded camera alone might be worth an iPhone 4S upgrade for a few, Siri will be the killer feature that has the potential to change the way we interact with our devices.

Tablet Computers: Why the Kindle Fire Is Not Just Another Ereader

Do you believe the new Kindle Fire is a tablet? There seems to be a gentle misunderstanding on whether the device is a tablet or just another ereader.

Is Cloud Computing For Me?

There are many services available for companies in 2011; undoubtedly there are only handfuls that can really make a difference. Cloud computing or (SaaS) software as a service could be one of these services, or not.

iPhone 5 – New Rumors Begin to Circulate After iPhone 4S Release

The widely anticipated release of iPhone 5 did not happen on October 4th 2011. This came as a shock to many, even though we got iPhone 4S which has great new software plus improved hardware features. With the release of the 4S models rumors for the launching of the 5th generation smart phone began circulating once again.

iPhone 5 – Is iPhone 4S Actually iPhone 5?

The surprise was huge when the world got iPhone 4S and not the much expected iPhone 5 on October 4th 2011. Since then, a lot of people have accepted that the two are interchangeable. However, it is still hard to believe that Apple was working only on improving their 4th generation smartphone given that official announcements made it clear that the 5th generation of devices is on its way.

iPhone 5 Not Released – Could It Be Because of 4G Technology?

Everyone was anticipating the iPhone 5 release on October 4th, even people that do not care much about technology. However, the world got iPhone 4S. The reasons behind this move by Apply are subject to great speculation at present. One of the plausible versions has to do with 4G technology.

iPhone 5 Did Not Premiere – Are Consumers Disappointed or Are They Happy With 4S?

Emotions were mixed when iPhone 4S was introduced instead of the widely anticipated iPhone 5 on October 4th. It seems that the confusion has not subsided yet. There are all sorts of rumors about the reasons behind the recent events. However, it is worth noting what consumers actually have to say leaving the speculations behind.

iPhone 5 – Some Unbelievable iPhone 5 Features Rumored

The iPhone 5 released did not happen when expected. On the other hand, the newly released 4S model has a huge range of new features and some smart new capabilities.

Another Tablet to Choose From

Some benefits of the Kindle Fire. This is a touch screen device that is able to store unlimited data. This is an age of technology.

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